The Adam and Eve Show

We aim to provide programming for local kids at every age and stage. The Adam and Eve Show is an important part of this strategy, delivering real and relevant content for tweens and teens every weekday.

3.30pm is the perfect time to unwind and watch TV after school. The Adam and Eve Show fills that slot, providing real and relevant content for young teenagers. Hosted by Eve Palmer and Adam Percival, the show promotes New Zealand culture and local stories of success. Tweens can expect an afternoon filled with fun, including competitions, music, movies, games, fashion, sport and cooking.

We aim to provide programming for local kids at every age and stage. The Adam and Eve Show is an important part of this strategy in 2017.


The Adam and Eve Show is made by Whitebait TV for TVNZ 2

200 x 30 minutes

NZ On Air Funding $3,080,400

Watch this show

TVNZ 2, weekdays at 3.30pm
Catch more of The Adam and Eve Show at TVNZ On Demand
Check out The Adam and Eve Show website.

Also funded by NZ On Air

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