Resources for producers of funded content

When funding is approved there are a number of steps producers need to take. At each step information must be provided to NZ On Air.

The information on this page relates to both Scripted and Factual content.

We are in the process of updating many of the documents below so please check back regularly.


We notify the producer and broadcaster/platform of funding decisions within 48 hours of the Board meeting.

A full list of decisions is included in our newsletter. We may also issue a media release. Funding is confidential until we have announced it.

Contract Initiation

If an application for funding is successful, producers must execute a contract with NZ On Air before any funding can be released.

You will be asked to complete a form and execute a contract like the ones below, depending on which type of funding has been approved.

Development Funding

Production and Platinum Fund for independent producers

Production and Platinum Fund for Broadcaster's internal productions


We release funding in stages, or drawdowns, which are agreed during the contract negotiations. After the first payment, producers must meet agreed milestones and provide reports on progress to receive further drawdowns.

See the guidelines below for information on what to include in your reports to NZ On Air.

From time to time we carry out audits of production companies to ensure taxpayer funds are being spent correctly.


There are specific requirements for the accreditation of funded television programmes when they are broadcast (on-screen), and in publicity and promotional material off-screen.

All our brand resources including our logo are available for download.



When funding is over $200,000, or if the project is a feature film, it is an equity investment. This means that we are entitled to a share of any income in accordance with our standard recoupment policy.

Producers must complete a sales income return every six months for the first three years after a programme is delivered to the broadcaster, then annually for the next two years. If no income has been received we still require producers to file a 'nil' return.

After five years has elapsed we ask producers to report sales income only when it has been received.

Health & Safety

Producers must be aware of their requirements under the new Health and Safety at Work Act (2015). 

NZ On Air along with the Film Commission, SPADA and industry guilds and organisations has funded the development of the website Screensafe as an industry resource for Health and Safety information.

We are currently reviewing our contracts and reporting requirements related to Health and Safety and will advise of changes after the May meeting.