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NZ on Air · 1st August 2016

This research looked at the use of NZ screen content in schools. What content is used and why, where its accessed, and what barriers there might be to using NZ content. 

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NZ on Air · 28th July 2016

New Zealanders’ media consumption habits are changing rapidly as the media environment and technology changes. And the most rapid change is with younger audiences.

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NZ on Air · 23rd May 2016

This report is the first of an ongoing series which will monitor gender and ethnic diversity at the producer, director and writer level in TV and digital projects funded by NZ On Air.

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External · 30th July 2015

Nielsen’s report on the ‘Changing NZ Consumer’ provides insight into the nation’s shifting population and preferences. We’re becoming older and more multicultural with a growing taste for new things. Click through for a summary of points and a highlights video.

External · 30th April 2015

A 2015 study from the Canada Media Fund based on conversations with participants referred to as ‘digital onlys’.

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NZ on Air · 30th March 2015

TV is still the dominant screen in New Zealand children's lives, but tablets and smartphones are now in daily use and Youtube has become one of their main sources of content.

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External · 30th January 2015

A report on the viewing habits of Australians in the 4th quarter of 2014.

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NZ on Air · 8th July 2014

New Zealanders are staying with traditional broadcast media for their daily media consumption, but music and the young are shifting fast to digital platforms. Results of research carried out By Colmar Brunton for NZ On Air.

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External · 1st June 2012

Researchers look at current broadcast content provided for Pacific audiences in New Zealand, and what is important to the various audiences.

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NZ on Air · 1st March 2012

A review of the first four years of the Digital Content Partnership Fund