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Radio · NZ on Air
NZ on Air · 2nd August 2016

In 2016 NZ On Air commissioned Colmar Brunton to carry out a qualitative piece of research to understand and explore how Community Access Radio meets the needs of the community.

Digital · NZ on Air · Television
NZ on Air · 1st August 2016

This research looked at the use of NZ screen content in schools. What content is used and why, where its accessed, and what barriers there might be to using NZ content. 

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NZ on Air · 28th July 2016

New Zealanders’ media consumption habits are changing rapidly as the media environment and technology changes. And the most rapid change is with younger audiences.

NZ on Air
NZ on Air · 28th June 2016

This survey of the general public looks at public perception, understanding, and support for NZ On Air and its funded programmes and services. It was carried out by Colmar Brunton.

Infographics · Television
NZ on Air · 15th April 2016

Local content on television increased 2.4% in 2015, although the amount of new programmes continued to decline. This report has measured local content since 1989, as an indicator of the health of the local TV industry. It counts content on six free-to-air channels.

External · 13th April 2016

NZ Screen industry revenue grew in 2015 by $66 million over the previous year.

NZ on Air
NZ on Air · 28th March 2016

We conduct regular stakeholder audits to ensure we understand our industry partners and their needs.

NZ on Air · 24th November 2015

A study commissioned by NZ On Air and NZ Film Commission on behalf of Screen NZ to look at what skills shortage exist in drama production in NZ and how these can be addressed. The study was carried out by Tim Thorpe Consulting.

Music · Infographics · NZ on Air
NZ on Air · 9th October 2015

This report looks at the performance of Making Tracks funded songs since Making Tracks began in 2011. It also provides some analysis of the artists we have funded and the impact their songs have had on airplay charts.

Digital · Music · Radio · Television
External · 30th July 2015

Nielsen’s report on the ‘Changing NZ Consumer’ provides insight into the nation’s shifting population and preferences. We’re becoming older and more multicultural with a growing taste for new things. Click through for a summary of points and a highlights video.

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