Community Access Radio

Access Radio is a family of 12 stations from Auckland to Invercargill that provides more than 400 programmes in more than 40 different languages.

These stations cater to niche audiences that are otherwise not well served by broadcast media. Access radio allows groups to produce and broadcast programmes for their own regions and communities.

You can find specialist programmes on almost any topic you can imagine, created by people and groups in local communities.

Access radio stations are not-for-profit and are largely run by volunteers. Funding for Access radio stations ranges from $135,000 to $250,000 annually depending on size.

You can find out more about Access Radio from the Association of Community Access Broadcasters.

Which stations do we fund?

We allocate funding based on the size of the audience of the station, grouped as below.

Tier 1 – Large metro

Planet FM Auckland

Tier 2 – Large urban

Free FM Hamilton
Wellington Access
Plains FM, Christchurch

Tier 3 – Provincial city

Access Radio, Taranaki
Access Manawatu
Radio Kidnappers, Hawkes Bay
Fresh FM, Nelson
Radio Southland
Otago Access Radio, Dunedin

Tier 4 – Small regional

Arrow FM, Masterton
Coast Access, Kapiti

You can also find a wealth of content as podcasts on Access Internet Radio - a platform we fund so that programmes can be shared and listened to whenever, wherever.

Funded access radio station locations