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Bring It Home is an initiative from NZ On Air in conjunction with regional and city councils. The purpose of the scheme is to showcase and promote creativity and parts of New Zealand through music videos filmed in areas outside of Auckland. Currently Dunedin City Council is running with the initiative.

Through the MakingTracks funding scheme, NZ On Air provides artists with grants of up to $10,000 for recording a single and creating a music video for that song.

The Bring It Home initiative's primary focus is to encourage artists who've been funded through Making Tracks to film content or use resources of regional areas for their music videos, by providing $2,000 extra funding.

Dunedin City Council has come on board with the Bring It Home initiative. They will be providing five grants of $2,000 to artists who have already received MakingTracks funding.

The criteria for the additional grant are as follows:

  • At least 50% of the video is filmed in Dunedin City
  • Goods and services to the value of the grant ($2k plus gst) are purchased in Dunedin City.

The concept stems from an initiative by Positively Wellington Business in 2006 which gave $1,500 in cash and $1,500 in services to recipients of what was then called the NZ On Air Music Video Programme.

Other councils can also develop this top-up funding scheme to showcase and promote their region.

NZ On Air hopes that through Bring it Home we can raise awareness of the MakingTracks funding scheme in the regions and aim to see more artists from outside the big cities applying to MakingTracks.

NZ On Air hopes that Bring it Home will benefit councils, artists and the regions through promoting not only songs, but the creative sector in the regions. 

If you are an artist who has received a MakingTracks grant and would like to be considered for this top-up funding in Dunedin please get in touch with the Community Arts Advisor at

If you are part of a council and would like more information on the Bring It Home project please contact Tania Dean at

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Harry Parsons

February 2014

Harry Parsons

Harry Parsons — singer/songwriter from Waikato and overall winner of the solo/duo category of the Smokefree Rockquest 2013 — is on the road to a professional music career, with the release of his first single and video. 

Lizzie Marvelly

February 2014

Lizzie Marvelly

From Elizabeth Marvelly: classical crossover singer, to Lizzie Marvelly: pop singer/songwriter.